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About CNEE

Bill-Ritter-new-photo-213x300“For me, the New Energy Economy has always been about our future, our kids’ future, our grandkids’ future. I think in order to survive in this created space we inhabit, we need to produce and consume energy differently. If we don’t then our legacy for our children will be a Colorado inferior to the Colorado that we live in.”

– Former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Jr., now Director of the Center for the New Energy Economy, Colorado State University

Who We Are

Founded in 2011 as a department of Colorado State University, the Center for the New Energy Economy (CNEE) is an initiative led by Colorado’s 41st Governor, Bill Ritter, Jr. and assisted by a team of energy and environmental policy experts. The Center works directly with governors, legislators, regulators, companies and stakeholders by providing technical and strategic assistance to help decision makers create policies that facilitate America’s transition to a clean energy economy.

Our Focus

The Center defines “clean energy” specifically as technologies and resources whose life-cycle impacts are beneficial to national security, economic vitality, energy supply sustainability, environmental health, public health, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the conservation and restoration of ecosystem services, social equity, high-quality jobs, and wise use of water and other critical natural resources.

Our Mission

The Center for the New Energy Economy (CNEE) provides policy makers including governors, legislators, regulators and other decision makers with a roadmap that will accelerate the nationwide development of the new energy economy. That economy will create and keep jobs in the United States; encourage development and use of clean and affordable domestic energy; protect our environment and climate; and keep America on the leading edge of global competition.

How we help states

The Center works directly with Governors, state energy offices, regulators, and policy makers to provide technical assistance on policies and strategies that will facilitate America’s transition to a New Energy Economy.

The Center’s assistance is tailored to the opportunities, needs and conditions in each client state. All of our services are free of charge.  Generally, this assistance will consist of one or more of the following:

  • Assistance in developing legislative, regulatory and programmatic plans for clean energy development, building on policies already in place and on models from other states. Our work involves building upon proposals already in development, and suggesting new policies.
  • Direct engagement with the governor and staff, state energy office director and staff, legislators, regulators, and opinion leaders, to advise on policy best practices and how to implement them.
  • Coordination with local industry and policy stakeholders.

The Colorado Story

Download the following documents:

   — Blue Print for the New Energy Economy-Colorado

   — Colorado Climate Action Plan

   — HB10-1001-Colorados-30-percent-Renewable-Energy-Standard

Powerhouse Energy Campus
430 N. College
Fort Collins, CO  80524

Colorado State University Denver office
475 17th Street
Denver, Colorado 80202

For more information please contact:

Wendy Hartzell
Executive Assistant to the Director
Phone Inquiries: (970) 491-2903