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Clean Energy Legislative Academy

Attend September 2018 Legislative Academy

September 11th-14th, 2018
in Breckenridge, CO

Legislators and staff will arrive Tuesday, September 11th and stay in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado until Friday, September 14th. During the week attendees will: 
  • Learn about energy policy related to trending issues across the nation as well as state specific strategies.
  • Utilize various energy policy tools relevant to attendees and their state
  • Discuss policy ideas with energy experts and experienced policy advisors
  • Identify clean energy policy gaps in their state
  • Enjoy the Colorado scenery while getting to know other legislators from across the nation

Download the CELA brochure.

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View information on altitude in Breckenridge, CO. 

Resources for Attendees

The Clean Energy Legislative Academy brings together a bipartisan cohort of state legislators, and their energy staffers, to learn about emerging energy issues and resources they need to develop effective clean energy policy in their states.

In July of 2017, CNEE convened 24 legislators from 15 states for a three day Academy in Breckenridge, Colorado. Seventeen of the 24 legislators are chairs or co-chairs of respective state energy committees. At the Academy, legislators learned from a team of expert policy ‘faculty’ in a variety of issue areas, they shared their stories with one another, and discussed their plans for making their states more competitive in the clean energy marketplace. Building on the success of the July event, CNEE convened 19 legislative staff members from across the country and 7 returning legislators. Alongside expert faculty attendees participated in an in-depth workshop which explored policy solutions to the key issue areas identified by legislators in July. This three day workshop, held in Breckenridge, CO from September 12-15, focused specifically on electrifying the transportation sector, energy storage, grid modernization and new utility business models.

In addition to the Academy, our Center maintains a variety of resources to assist policy makers in developing state clean energy policy. The State Policy Opportunity Tracker (SPOT) for Clean Energy is a 50-state clean energy policy gap analysis. The Advanced Energy Legislative Tracker is a database that tracks all introduced state clean energy legislation. Finally, our Clean Energy Policy Guide for State Legislatures is a quick reference guide that outlines key policy design in an interactive e-book format. Links to each of these free resources are below. The resources link, also found below, links to various presentations, papers, and resources specific to the Clean Energy Legislative Academy.