Repowering the Western Economy

Repowering the Western Economy is a convening that facilitates a dialogue between western states and stakeholders. This is a continuation of the 13-state Western dialogue CNEE convened on clean energy issues in response to the Clean Power Plan. The changes underway in the electricity sector will not end just because the CPP is being withdrawn by EPA. In fact, with no federal mandate, and with utilities and commissions now in the driver’s seat, this initiative is more important than ever as they plan and make 20 to 30-year investment decisions in the face of tremendous uncertainty.

The West needs a new approach to these issues, one that is responsive both to the changes at the federal level and to the unique issues and opportunities associated with the transition to an expanded, low-carbon Western grid that is already underway.

Please review “Repowering the Western Economy – A 2040 Roadmap” (published March 31, 2017 by Center for the New Energy Economy) for more information.

Contact Information

Repowering Meeting:        December 2018

This meeting was held in December of 2018, in Denver, Colorado.

Click here to view the Repowering the Western Economy: December 4th Meeting Agenda







Resources can be found as hyperlinks in the December 2018 Agenda.

2018 Resource Planners Forum

In partnership with The Western Interstate Energy Board, this meeting was held in June of 2018, in Portland, Oregon.

Click here to view 2018 Resource Planners Forum Agenda 

Presentations can be found in PDF links on the agenda.

Repowering Meeting:        June 2017

Repowering Meeting: November 2017