The Center for the New Energy Economy is a group of energy policy experts led by Colorado’s 41st Governor, Bill Ritter Jr.

Founded in 2011, the purpose of the Center for the New Energy Economy is to educate, convene, and inspire decision-makers to create policies that facilitate America’s equitable transition to a clean energy economy.

At the Center for the New Energy Economy:

We publish energy policy research

We maintain publicly available tools and resources

We host meetings that facilitate dialogue between stakeholders

We connect stakeholders to suitable energy experts

  • We believe innovation and investment in grid modernization, energy storage, renewable energy, and advanced transportation systems will lead to thriving clean energy markets, which reduce pollution and improve human health.

  • We believe an equitable transition to the new energy economy will provide greater opportunities for all.

  • We believe diversity and inclusivity in decision-making fosters innovation and creativity, leading to better long-term solutions.

  • We believe the new energy economy relies on collaborative, bi-partisan governance with transparent rules and processes.

Powering Forward: What Everyone Should Know About America’s Energy Revolution

Powering-Forward-front-coverA historic energy revolution is underway in the United States. Wind, sunlight, and other sustainable resources are now the fastest growing sources of energy in the U.S. and worldwide. American families are installing power plants on their roofs and entire communities are switching to 100 percent renewable energy. The urgent need to prevent climate change is causing people around the planet to question their reliance on carbon-intensive oil, coal, and natural gas. Author Bill Ritter, Jr., the 41st governor of Colorado and one of America’s key thought leaders on this topic, discusses the forces behind the energy revolution, the new ways we must think about energy, and the future of fossil and renewable fuels. It is an essential read for any who want to understand one of history’s biggest challenges to peace, prosperity, and security in the United States. Written in partnership with the Center for a New Energy Economy.

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