AEL Tracker

Tracker tracks current legislation and archives all energy legislation introduced in all 50 states since 2013.  Learn More

SPOT for Clean Energy

The State Policy Opportunity Tracker (SPOT) for Clean Energy evaluates existing policies across all 50 states and identifies opportunities for policy expansion. Learn More


Learn the basics and explore policies to drive the new energy economy.  Learn More

Repowering the Western Economy

Repowering the Western Economy is a convening that facilitates a dialogue between western states and stakeholders.  Learn More.

Clean Energy Legislative Academy

(CELA) brings together a bi-partisan cohort of state legislators and their energy staffers to learn about emerging energy issues.  Learn More.

Energy Communities in Transition

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“For me, the New Energy Economy has always been about our future, our kids’ future, our grandkids’ future. I think in order to survive in this created space we inhabit, we need to produce and consume energy differently. If we do not then our legacy for our children will be a Colorado inferior to the Colorado that we live in.”

– Colorado’s 41st Governor, Bill Ritter, Jr., Director of the Center for the New Energy Economy, Colorado State University