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Announcing the release: The Clean Energy Policy Guide for State Legislatures

States have led the shift to cleaner energy and that trend is likely to continue. The Center for the New Energy Economy (CNEE) is pleased to announce our newest resource for state policymakers, The Clean Energy Policy Guide for State Legislatures, available for free on the Apple iTunes store. This comprehensive e-book builds on two other state energy policy resources developed by CNEE: the Advanced Energy Legislation Tracker and the State Policy Opportunity Tracker (SPOT) for Clean Energy.

The Clean Energy Policy Guide for State Legislatures is a how-to resource for state clean energy policies in the areas of energy efficiency, infrastructure, transportation, renewable energy, financing, and emissions. For each policy, CNEE has outlined key components, provided example state programs, and assembled relevant multimedia including maps, charts, videos, and podcasts. CNEE also identifies 11 New Policy Frontiers – areas prime for new, innovative policy development.

The e-book is available as a free download from the Apple iTunes store as an iBook. It can be viewed on a tablet, desktop, or mobile device. While it is currently only available in the iBook format, CNEE will be releasing a version with expanded compatibility on other platforms in the future.

Please share this resource with your colleagues, and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or feedback.

Questions and feedback can be directed to:  Tom Plant, Senior Policy Advisor Center for the New Energy Economy

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