CNEE Senior Policy Advisor Jeffrey Ackermann Presents: Public Policy, Public Utilities and (Regulatory) Pursuit of the Public Interest

Thrusday,April 15th 9:00am-10:00am MT Click the link below to join:PUBLIC POLICY, PUBLIC UTILITIES AND (REGULATORY) PURSUIT OF THE PUBLIC INTEREST Jeff has been an active part of Colorado’s energy policy and advocacy sector for four decades. Over the past eight years, Jeff has served as chairman of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and executive director […]

Join Senior Policy Advisor Jeffrey Ackermann for a Discussion on the Future of the Utility Industry

Register for the discussion here: Utility leaders, how do we get from where we are to where we need to be? We know the imperatives—climate change mitigation, grid resilience, social/energy justice, COVID-19, a technology revolution—and we also know that utilities cannot build a clean and equitable energy future on their own. Utilities have always had […]

Amid the Pandemic, Can Colorado Still Lead on a Just Transition from Coal?

“There will be transitions and more transitions. Any number of towns will go through the same thing that coal towns are going through today,” says Suzanne Tegen, assistant director at the Colorado-based Center for the New Energy Economy. Read the Energy New Networks Article Here  Read Colorado’s Just Transition Plan Draft Report Here

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