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Bill Ritter visits Rwanda for Microgrid Project Development

Mesh Power, in partnership with Colorado State University, is building microgrids in villages of Rwanda that were formerly without electricity. A microgrid is a localized power grid that does not need to connect to the larger traditional grid to operate. In addition to helping get electricity in remote places where it is difficult for the grid to reach, microgrids support flexible and efficient electric grids by enabling the use of renewables, often solar. Below is Bill Ritter with the Mesh Power/CSU Team.

Bill Ritter, in his role as Chairman of the Mesh Power Board, traveled to Rwanda with his CSU colleagues to plan the next steps in assisting the nation with its goal to power 100% of the country by 2024. Only 41% of the country currently has access to energy, and there is only a 9% connection rate in rural areas. Pictured below is a village powered by a Mesh Power microgrid. This includes a village market lit up at night and a welder in the same village demonstrating a “productive use” of the microgrid.

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