Clean Energy Legislative Academy

Countdown to CELA 2024

We are looking forward to welcoming the CELA Class of 2024 to Colorado in July!

The Clean Energy Legislative Academy is for state legislators working to make a difference in their state’s energy policy. If you are interested in attending the Academy, please contact us.

Learn about important and emerging energy policy issues.

Discuss policy ideas with energy experts, experienced policy advisors, and your legislative peers.

Develop state specific clean energy strategies and policies.

About the Clean Energy Legislative Academy

The Clean Energy Legislative Academy (CELA) brings together a bi-partisan cohort of state legislators and legislative energy staffers for two intensive four-day academies. Both events provide attendees the information and resources necessary for developing effective state-level clean energy policy. Our politically neutral forum provides an opportunity to learn about clean energy policy, discuss challenges in your state, and speak freely.

Held in Colorado in July, our summer event brings together 25-30 state legislators from across the political spectrum and the country. Legislators learn from a team of expert policy faculty about a variety of issue areas, network and share their stories with one another, and develop strategies to make their states more competitive in the clean energy marketplace. In September, we invite the legislative staffers of our July attendees (returning legislators are also welcome to join us). At this event, attendees join our experts in ‘deep dive’ workshops exploring policy solutions to the key issue areas identified as important by legislators during the July session.

What legislators say about the Academy

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