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Fulcrum Publishing announcing Powering Forward book launch

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Praise for Powering Forward:

“An informative why-and-how book about preventing climate change by making the transition to clean energy. In straightforward prose […], Ritter tells it like it is, showing what the challenges are, where we have failed, and why.”                — Kirkus Reviews

“Every elected official in the United States should read this book. It is the owner’s manual to a new American century and clean energy economy.”
— Robert C. Sisson, Executive Director, ConservAmerica

“Gov. Ritter shows how success will require rethinking not only our energy policies but also our politics.”
— Walter Isaacson, CEO of the Aspen Institute

Golden, CO (4/12/2016) – Fulcrum Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Powering Forward: What Everyone Should Know About America’s Energy Revolution by former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Jr.!

A historic energy revolution is underway in the United States. Wind, sunlight, and other sustainable resources are now the fastest growing sources of energy in the U.S. and worldwide. The energy revolution is essential to addressing global climate change, the most serious challenge in our history. But vested interests in the carbon economy are fighting back and some Americans still do not accept that climate change is real.

Author Bill Ritter Jr., the 41st governor of Colorado and one of America’s key leaders in the clean energy revolution, writes that “a global crisis is looming on the horizon and the United States not only can but must take the lead in addressing it.” He describes how we must begin to think like revolutionaries, why some Americans remain skeptical about climate change, and how to achieve a more moral capitalism.

Here are some of the other topics Ritter addresses in this extraordinary book:

The American people deserve a clear vision of what life would be like in a world powered by clean and renewable energy. Ritter summons our nation’s leaders to provide that vision through bold innovation and transformative thinking.

The issues of energy transformation and environmental policy have become deeply politicized.  Ritter calls upon us to change the conversation, by leaving our “echo chambers” behind and going in search of common ground.

Like every evolution in the economy and technology, the ongoing transition to a clean energy economy will be disruptive. But the need for this transition to happen within decades, not centuries, will make it like no other energy transition in the history of the industrial world. Markets and governmental policy must work together to ease the disruption.

Part of the transition must be to acknowledge the enormous contribution that fossil fuels have made to our quality of life, to our economic well being, and to our national security. The energy revolution must be just and fair to those whose lives and communities are disrupted.

About the Author:
Bill Ritter, Jr. was elected Colorado’s 41st governor in 2006, and during his four-year term, established Colorado as a national and international leader in clean energy by building a new energy economy. He is the founder and director of the Center for the

New Energy Economy (CNEE) at Colorado State University and lives in Denver with his wife and four children. Join the conversation at, or by connecting with CNEE on Twitter (@cnee_csu) and Facebook (

Book Information:

March 2016 | Trade Paperback | US $17.95 | print ISBN: 978-1-936218-21-9 | e-book ISBN: 978-1-933108-88-9 | 6 x 9 | 304 pages | PUBLIC POLICY| ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY

For ordering information:

Fulcrum Publishing | 4690 Table Mountain Dr., Ste. 100 | Golden, CO 80403
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