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The Center’s Assistant Director Suzanne Tegen Joins Colorado’s Trapper Mine Workers and Craig Station Coal Plant and Utility Representatives in the New Podcast “Coal at Sunset: A Colorado Town in Transition”

Listen here to the Center’s Assistant Director Dr. Suzanne Tegen in the new podcast “Coal at Sunset: A Colorado Town in Transition” sponsored by the Institute for Science & Policy at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.   Dr. Tegen is featured in Episode 2: “The Cost”: 

In our second episode, we travel inside the Craig coal station to learn more about the science and economics of coal amidst a rapidly changing renewable energy landscape.

In recent years, coal has been losing ground to renewables like wind and solar as the prices of cleaner, greener technologies have come way down. And now, Colorado has made greenhouse gas reductions a priority. Coal is no longer the market driver it once was.

But we know that energy is a global challenge. What will the state reasonably be able to achieve in terms of a transition over the next decade? And what will that mean for our electricity?

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