Repowering the Western Economy

Repowering the Western Economy is the umbrella for CNEE’s work with Western states and utilities as they transition to clean energy sources.  In 2017 and 2018, CNEE held several regional convenings to continue the Western dialogue we started in 2014 in response to EPA’s Clean Power Plan.  Since 2019, we have been working directly with individual states and utilities to help them develop and implement their climate and clean energy plans.

The rapid policy and technology changes underway in the Western electricity sector did not end with the Clean Power Plan, and CNEE has remained at the forefront of helping Western states and utilities successfully navigate these new frontiers.  In 2019, Governor Ritter and CNEE led an advisory group process to help Tri-State Generation and Transmission develop their Responsible Energy Plan announced in January 2020.  And our work continues with a number of Western states that recently adopted ambitious economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals for 2030 and beyond.

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New Mexico Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Forecast – October 2020

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