What We Do

What We Do

The Center for the New Energy Economy provides policy makers, governors, planners and other decision makers with tools to accelerate nationwide development of the New Energy Economy.

The new energy economy that:

  • creates and keeps jobs in the United States,
  • develops and uses clean, affordable domestic energy,
  • protects our environment and climate, and
  • keeps America on the leading edge of global competition.

The Center helps the country move toward a more secure, stable, sustainable, and affordable energy future.

How we help states

The Center works directly with Governors, state energy offices, regulators, and policy makers to provide technical assistance on policies and strategies that will facilitate America’s transition to a New Energy Economy.

The Center’s assistance is tailored to the opportunities, needs and conditions in each client state. All of our services are free of charge.  Generally, this assistance will consist of one or more of the following:

  • Assistance in developing legislative, regulatory and programmatic plans for clean energy development, building on policies already in place and on models from other states. Our work involves building upon proposals already in development, and suggesting new policies.
  • Direct engagement with the governor and staff, state energy office director and staff, legislators, regulators, and opinion leaders, to advise on policy best practices and how to implement them.
  • Coordination with local industry and policy stakeholders.

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